About the clinic

Lee Waite in front of the new clinic property.

The Atsina Charity Medical Clinic is a non-profit medical clinic in Accra, Ghana. The mission of the Atsina Charity Medical Clinic to provide medical care to the poor and destitute of Ghana.

The clinic property is on the Accra-Cape Coast Highway, about 250 m beyond the Densu River Bridge west of Accra. Turn right at the ACMC signboard and the clinic is about 100 m from the main highway.

The building contains a 4-bedroomed structure, which is new and modern by Ghanaian standards, having electricity and water utilities. The property measures 100 ft x 70 ft and is enclosed by a wall. The deep slope of the land  is excellent for rainy days.

The clinic treats roughly 7,200 patients annually. Roughly one half of these are ambulant and can consult with Dr. Atsina on the clinic property. The remaining patients must be visited at their homes by Dr. Atsina. A nearby orphanage, the Village of Hope, is also under the medical care of the clinic, and is visited by Dr. Atsina about every two weeks for consultations.

The clinic is run under a few guiding principles:

  • It is a Christian mission
  • It treats people regardless of personal wealth
  • Everyone is treated with respect
  • The staff listens well
  • Patients pay based on their ability to pay